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GDPR has arrived

The General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR – came into force on 25 May 2018 after four years of deliberation. Its main aim is to make it easier for consumers to control how their data is used by companies. Therefore, any organisation that holds consumers’ personal information – names, email addresses, bank details, for example – must collect consent from the consumer about what they can use and how they can use it. And that includes all charities, regardless of their size. Essentially, it means organisations will have to become more transparent.

As with any task, it’s crucial to figure out what we’re working with before we can put any effective actions into place. Carrying out a data audit (and this will be an on-going process) will give us a clearer picture on what kind of data we already hold, what we will continue to hold moving forward and what data we have no use for. Plus, it’s an opportunity to reconfigure the process of how we collect data, how it is stored and who has access to it.

After 25 May 2018, it’s against the law for our organisation to hold data we don’t need. A review has taken place on some of the information held electronically and as a result a new database of case notes will be used to store these records.

The new system allows information to be retrieved and checked in a much simplier way than the paper records that have been replaced. Remember that it is important to store all confidential records in a safe and secure place and to treat passwords and access codes as privileged information.

By using the new database system, you agree to keep confidential all of the information contained therein and to report any breach of security, including loss of logging in and password information. Use of the website and database is subject to our terms of use which can be accessed from the link below.

This website also contains a document and forms repository. The forms are for recording information and will not contain any personal information when downloaded. The documents which contain sensitive information are stored in a secure area accessible only by a password controlled entry system and additional security settings.

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