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Service Request

This page contains an Online Form, that you can complete and submit to make a request for one of our services. It is used for both booking a 1 to 1 session and for Document Checking and Drafting. Please note a waiting list may be in operation. You will be advised of the waiting time when we receive your request form. Please only donate once your requested services have been confirmed and allocated to one of our volunteers.

Appointments for 1:1 session

Complete Sections 1 & 2

For face to face appointments, these will take place at our office: 11a Creek Road, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9BE. Alternatively you can select to have the 1:1 session over the telephone or by video call.


1:1 Appointments with senior volunteer - (Monday - Friday) | £150 per 2 hour session.

1:1 Appointments with senior volunteer - (Saturday - if available) | £180 per 2 hour session.

1:1 Appointments with Eleanor Wright - Solicitor | £240* per 2 hour session.

*Please note that £240 donation for Eleanor Wright is the minimum amount and may be adjusted according to how much work is involved.

1:1 Advice via Email (temporary advice service) | £150 email support service for an agreed amount of time.

Email advice is a temporary new service to enable us to continue supporting parents during the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents will be allocated a volunteer to answer questions on an ongoing basis subject to their own availability. During the lockdown period no office face to face sessions will be available, instead telephone or video calls can be made.

Document checks and drafting of documents

Complete Sections 1 & 3

(see Section 3 below for costs)

--- SECTION 1 ---

** Indicates required Information

If you are using Internet Explorer the date of birth must be input in the format YYYY-MM-DD, browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and MS Edge provide a calendar from which you can pick a date.

**Please give details of your child's needs. Does your enquiry relate to an EHC Plan, personal budget, assessment for an EHC Plan or Tribunal? Please give a brief summary :

Please indicate if you have had previous contact with SOS!SEN:

--- SECTION 2 ---

Booking a 1:1 Appointment for SOS!SEN Session

Donation Details:

£150 - Email Support for an agreed amount of time.

£150 - for 2 hours Monday to Friday

£180 for 2 hours on a Saturday

£240* for 2 hours with our solicitor (if available)

* This donation might be increased depending on the complexity of the case.
PREFERENCES: please tick the boxes to indicate your preferences for day and time and whether you would wish to have a telephone 1:1, Skype/Zoom 1:1 or Email advice.    

Would you prefer to have a Telephone 1:1 session ?

Would you prefer to have a Skype/Zoom 1:1 session ?

Would you prefer to have an Email Support session ?

--- SECTION 3 ---

Initial Request for Document Check and/or Draft Preparation of Documents

Please indicate which service(s) you require:

Checking and advising on the quality of an EHCP Plan for technical accuracy and other problems. We operate a 3 tier EHC check system. We offer this service remotely by email. Please have scanned copies of draft EHCP and reports ready or copies ready to be posted to us once we have acknowledged that we can assist you. £120 basic check for issues such as legality, poor/unlawful wording and formatting. £190 detailed check including consideration of reports and advice on material from them, how it should be included in the plan, plus advice on further evidence that may be needed. £500 more detailed; if you would like, e.g a rewrite of relevant sections (this would depend on whether adequate reports are available.)
Draft Parental Reasons for Appeal Documents drafted by a senior volunteer. £350-£600 according to quality of reports to be read. See printing costs below.
Other draft Tribunal documents such as Working Documents, Parental Witness Statements : £500-£600 according to papers to be read and analysed and complexity of case (allow min of 10 days from when the case is allocated) see printing costs below.
Pre-Action letters (Judicial Review) supervised by Solicitor & Coordinator Eleanor Wright : £145 (See printing costs below).

See our information sheet on the website re: Pre-action letter process before requesting this service to ensure the necessary steps have been followed first.

Printing Costs: We will need an extra donation for the document checks and drafting of documents services if you are emailing documents to us. £10 over 20 pages, £20 over 50 pages and £30 over 80 pages.

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